1. Format: The American Cup (“the Event”) is two tournaments, each an 8-player double-elimination knockout event.

  2. Prompt Arrival: Players are expected to arrive promptly for their games. Players not at their board at the beginning of each round may receive a fine of $1,000 to be deducted from their prize for each occurrence. Players more than 30 (thirty) minutes late for a round shall forfeit that round. Players who withdraw or forfeit a game may not receive any prize money.

  3. No Draws: A “no draw” rule will be in effect throughout the Event, including any playoff games. No player may offer nor accept a draw. In the event of a claim for a draw under Article 9.2 of the FIDE Laws of Chess (three-fold repetition) or under Article 9.3 of the Laws (50 move rule), one of the Event Arbiters must be asked by the players to verify the claim.

  4. No Cell Phones: No cell phones or other electronic devices shall be allowed in the tournament area. Any violation of this policy will result in a fine of $1,000 to be deducted from Player's prize for each occurrence. In addition to the fine, a violation involving a cell phone or other electronic device that emits any noise during a game shall result in forfeiture of that game. If a violation occurs in subsequent games, the same penalties shall apply.

  5. Schedule of Events: Each round shall begin at the start times listed in the schedule on the Overview page.

  6. Pairings & Scoring:

    1. Each round shall consist of a 2-game match followed by playoff games should they be needed.
    2. Players will be ranked and pairing numbers assigned 1-8 based on their March FIDE classical rating. Any players with the same rating will be listed alphabetically by last name.
    3. Players will be paired 1 vs 8, 2 vs 7, 3 vs 6 and 4 vs 5 in the first round.
    4. If a player loses a match, they shall move to the Elimination Bracket as shown below.
    5. If a player loses a second match, that player shall be eliminated from the Event.
    6. See the tournament bracket for further rounds.

  8. Time Control:

    1. The classical time control shall be game in ninety (90) minutes plus thirty (30)-seconds increment from move one (G/90+30).
    2. The rapid time control shall be game in twenty five (25) minutes plus ten (10)-seconds increment from move one (G/25+10).
    3. The first playoff match time control shall be game in ten (10) minutes plus five (5)-seconds increment from move one (G/10+5). The second playoff match time control shall be game in three (3) minutes plus two (2)-second increment from move one (G/3+2).
    4. All standard games in the Championship bracket will be played at classical time controls.
    5. All standard games in the Elimination bracket shall be played at rapid time controls.
    6. All playoff games shall be played at rapid and blitz time controls, if necessary.
    7. Should match 14 (winner of the Championship Bracket vs. winner of the Elimination Bracket) result in one lost match per player, the two players shall contest a 2-game rapid match followed by playoff games (if necessary).

  10. Prizes: The total prize fund shall be $300,000 (Three Hundred Thousand U.S. Dollars) as listed on the Overview page.

  11. Tiebreak & Playoffs:

    1. In the event of a tie in an individual match, the players shall contest a 2-game rapid playoff match.
    2. If the 2-game rapid playoff match is inconclusive, the players shall contest a 2-game blitz playoff match.
    3. If the 2-game blitz playoff match is inconclusive, the players shall contest an Armageddon game with colors drawn by lot. An Armageddon Game is defined as follows: White shall start with 5 minutes and black shall start with 4 minutes, with a 2-second increment from move 61. Black shall be declared the winner if the game ends in a draw.


  12. Arbitration:

    1. The tournament shall be played according to the FIDE Laws of Chess. Games shall be submitted for rating to FIDE and URS.
    2. The tournament shall be supervised by the Chief Arbiter (the “CA”).
      1. The CA shall be responsible for ensuring fair play and implementing any anti-cheating measures.
      2. If a player wishes to appeal a decision of the CA, they must do so immediately after the game by notifying the CA.
      3. The Chief Organizer (the “CO”) shall appoint a three (3)-person appeals committee consisting of at least two (2) arbiters (the “Appeals Committee”). The CO shall be Tony Rich, IA, IO.
      4. Decisions of the Appeals Committee are final.
    3. In the event of an unexpected occurrence, the CA reserves the right to make all decisions in conjunction with or on behalf of the CO.