The 2023 U.S. Senior, Junior, and Girl's Junior Championships shall each be a 10-player Round Robin.

  1. Prompt Arrival: Players are expected to arrive promptly for their games.  Players not at their board at the beginning of each round may receive a fine of $500 to be deducted from their prize for each occurrence. Players more than 30 (thirty) minutes late for a round shall forfeit that round. Players who withdraw or forfeit a game may not receive any prize money.

  2. No Draws by Agreement: To promote competitive play, it will not be permitted for players to offer or agree to a draw in any game, including playoff games. In the event of a claim for a draw under Article 9.2 of the Laws (three-fold repetition) or under Article 9.3 of the Laws (50 move rule), one of the Event Arbiters must be asked by the players to verify the claim.

  3. No Electronics: No electronic devices shall be allowed in the tournament area. Any violation of this policy shall result in a fine of $500 to be deducted from Player's prize for each occurrence. In addition, any violation involving a cell phone or other electronic device that emits any noise during a game shall result in forfeiture of that game. If a violation occurs in subsequent games, the same penalties shall apply.

  4. Time Control: 90 minutes for the first 40 moves followed by 30 minutes for the rest of the game with an addition of 30 seconds (increment) per move starting from move one.

  5. Playoff Procedures: There shall be a playoff for any tie involving first place. The playoff winner shall receive the first place prize. All other players involved in the tie shall split the remaining prize money equally. 
    The following tie-breaks will be used if needed to break any other tie: 1. Direct Encounter, 2. Most Blacks, 3. Koya System, 4. Sonneborn Berger, 5. Won Games. An Armageddon Game is defined as follows: White shall start with 5 minutes and black shall start with 4 minutes, with a 2-second increment from move 61. Black shall be declared the winner if the game ends in a draw.
  • Two Players: The tie will be broken with a two-game rapid match (G/10 +2 delay).  If the contest is still undecided, the match will be decided by an Armageddon Game.
  • Three or Four Players: If there are three or four Players tied for first, the Players shall contest a rapid round robin (G/10 +2 delay). If no clear winner is produced, the remaining tied players shall contest a blitz (G/3 +2 delay) a) round robin (if three or four players remain tied) or b) 2-game match (if two players remain tied). If the contest is still undecided, the match will be decided by a series of Armageddon Games.
  • More Than Four Players: If more than four players are tied for first place, a combination of math tie-breaks and playoffs will be used to determine the winner. The format if more than four players are tied for first will be determined by the Arbiter and the Saint Louis Chess Club.