2015 U.S. Junior Closed Championship - Round 4

Arthur Shen

One of the biggest stories of the tournament so far has been Awonder Liang’s incredible start of 2.5/3 and a share of first place. Many people were wondering if he could maintain this hot streak. His opponent for round four, Arthur Shen, has played some of the most fighting oriented chess of the whole tournament thus far.

2015 U.S. Junior Closed Championship - Round 3

Akshat and Yian

Certainly the game of the day! Liou went into the game today in a tie for second place and Chandra in first place. Both players have been playing their top game since the beginning of the tournament.

2015 U.S. Junior Closed Championship - Round 2

Arthur Shen and Ruifeng Li

With the White pieces today, Arthur Shen was looking to make it back to an even score after a tough loss in the first round. Li, who is usually a Sicilian player, chose to combat 1. e4 with the Najdorf Sicilian. Shen chose a very combative opening variation beginning with 6. h3, preparing a quick kingside pawn storm.

2015 U.S. Junior Closed Championship - Round 1

Akshat Chandra vs. Luke Harmon-Vellotti

Two of the highest rated players, and potential favorites in the tournament, were tasked to face-off right off the bat during the first round matches. The game began in a slightly offbeat line of the Grunfeld Defense that is a pet line of Harmon-Vellotti.

Kasparov Closes Battle in Saint Louis with 5-0 Sweep of Short

Kasparov, Short, legend, saint louis, grandmaster, GM, battle, chess, champion

"Just have fun -- and attack, attack," Kasparov proves he's still got it, taking no mercy in Day 2.

Inaugural Grand Chess Tour Unveiled In Saint Louis

World’s top players will compete for a prize fund of more than a million dollars

Crowned: Nakamura, Krush are 2015 U.S. King and Queen

Grandmasters Hikaru Nakamura and Irina Krush have earned the 2015 U.S. and U.S. Women's Chess Championships, recording a career total of 11 national titles between the two.

Penultimate: Nakamura Holds Robson Back; Nemcova Loss Gives Krush Clear Lead

After Saturday's 10th round, Hikaru Nakamura held his lead after a draw with Ray Robson, but allowed Alex Onischuk into the mix for a shot at the National Chess Championship. Meanwhile, GM Irina Krush took clear first in the Women's Championship.

So Shocked: Wesley Forfeited From U.S. Championship Ninth Round

GM Wesley So's stunning disqualification just after the start of Friday's ninth round led the talk of the day, though action on the boards proved just as intriguing. GM Irina Krush turned in her third consecutive win to catch pace with WGM Katerina Nemcova.