Basque Chess - Showdown in Saint Louis

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Round one of the 2015 Showdown in Saint Louis featured Basque chess between GM Nakamura vs. GM Caruana alongside GM Negi and GM Hou.

Saint Louis Showdown Press Release

American chess is getting stronger and is on the rise. This fall, Grandmasters Hikaru Nakamura and Fabiano Caruana, the top two players in the United States, will visit the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis (CCSCSL) and compete in a series of games over four days: Thursday, November 12 through Sunday, November 15.

2015 U.S. Junior Closed Championship - Round 9

After the first three rounds of the tournament these two players were the leaders, and it was presumed that this 9th round matchup could potentially decide the tournament’s results. It turned out that this was true but not the way Awonder would have wanted it. In his last five games, Awonder was only able to score one point, compared to Akshat Chandra who was still leading the tournament.

2015 U.S. Junior Closed Championship - Round 8

Round eight featured the two leaders facing off in a pivotal game for this year’s U.S. Junior Championship. Chandra has maintained at least a shared lead throughout the entire tournament, while Shen’s 1 out 3 start was impressively improved upon with 4 consecutive wins.

2015 U.S. Junior Closed Championship - Round 7

Easily the most anticipated game of the tournament: Jeffrey Xiong vs. Akshat Chandra. In addition to being the two highest rated players of the tournament, the winner of this game was guaranteed at least a share of first place.

2015 U.S. Junior Closed Championship - Round 6

Arthur Shen and Mika Brattain

Arthur Shen is the only player in the tournament to have played all decisive games. The streak continued once again on round six! Going into the game, Mika Brattain, along with Xiong, was playing the most solid chess of the tournament.

2015 U.S. Junior Closed Championship - Round 5

Ruifeng Li and Akshat Chandra

Without a doubt, the game of the day was the match between Ruifeng Li and Akshat Chandra. Chandra went into the game today with a full point lead over the field, with an outstanding score of 3.5/4. Li, was looking to get back into contention with a win today. Li started out with his standard 1. e4 and Chandra responded with a different Sicilian today.

2015 U.S. Junior Closed Championship - Round 4

Arthur Shen

One of the biggest stories of the tournament so far has been Awonder Liang’s incredible start of 2.5/3 and a share of first place. Many people were wondering if he could maintain this hot streak. His opponent for round four, Arthur Shen, has played some of the most fighting oriented chess of the whole tournament thus far.

2015 U.S. Junior Closed Championship - Round 3

Akshat and Yian

Certainly the game of the day! Liou went into the game today in a tie for second place and Chandra in first place. Both players have been playing their top game since the beginning of the tournament.

2015 U.S. Junior Closed Championship - Round 2

Arthur Shen and Ruifeng Li

With the White pieces today, Arthur Shen was looking to make it back to an even score after a tough loss in the first round. Li, who is usually a Sicilian player, chose to combat 1. e4 with the Najdorf Sicilian. Shen chose a very combative opening variation beginning with 6. h3, preparing a quick kingside pawn storm.