2015 U.S. Championship LogoThe 2015 U.S. Championship is an elite national championship event, featuring 12 of the strongest chess players in America. Over the course of eleven rounds, these competitors will battle for $175,000 in prize money, qualification into the World Championship cycle, and the coveted title of 2015 U.S. Champion.


Dates March 31 - April 14, 2015
Location Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis
Format 12-Player Round Robin
Prize Fund $175,000
Spectators Purchase Tickets


Schedule of Events

Date Time* Event
31-Mar Player Arrival
6:00 PM Opening Ceremony
Saint Louis Art Museum
1-Apr 1:00 PM Round 1
2-Apr 1:00 PM Round 2
3-Apr 1:00 PM Round 3
4-Apr 1:00 PM Round 4
5-Apr 1:00 PM Round 5
6-Apr 1:00 PM Rest Day
7-Apr 1:00 PM Round 6
8-Apr 1:00 PM Round 7
9-Apr 1:00 PM Round 8
10-Apr 1:00 PM Round 9
11-Apr 1:00 PM Round 10
12-Apr 1:00 PM Round 11
13-Apr 1:00 PM Playoff (if necessary)
6:30 PM Closing Ceremony
14-Apr Player Departure

* All times listed are CDT (GMT-6).

Prize Fund

Place Prize Place Prize
1st $45,000 7th $9,000
2nd $30,000 8th $8,000
3rd $20,000 9th $7,000
4th $15,000 10th $6,000
5th $12,000 11th $5,000
6th $10,000 12th $4,000
Special Prizes $4,000
Total Prize Fund $175,000


Live Spectator Accommodations

Tickets may be purchased to each individual round of the 2015 U.S. Championships, which includes unlimited access into the championship tournament hall, additional live Grandmaster-led commentary, and complimentary beverage and food catering. Annual members to the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis receive free entry to each daily round.

Ticket pricing:

Opening Ceremony (at the St. Louis Art Museum) $25
Closing Ceremony (at the Chase Park Plaza) $25
Individual Round Day Pass $10


The Chess Club has special hotel rates with the following establishments. Please make sure to ask for the "chess rate" when making reservations.

Walking Distance to Chess Club

Chase Park Plaza Hotel
212 N. Kingshighway Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63108
(877) 587-2427
Chess rate: $159/night
Parkway Hotel
4550 Forest Park Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63108
(314) 256-7777
Chess rate: $97/night
Holiday Inn Express 
4630 Lindell Blvd.

St. Louis, MO 63108
(877) 834-3613 

Chess rate: $84/night


Short Taxi Ride to Chess Club

Hotel Ignacio
3411 Olive Street
St. Louis MO 63103
(314) 977-4411

Chess Rate: $155/night 
Water Tower Inn
3545 Lafayette Ave
St. Louis, MO 63104
(314) 977-7500
Chess rate: $70/night