Alex Lenderman


Grandmaster Lenderman’s chess career began in Brooklyn, New York when he was four years old. He improved quickly, and by the time he finished high school, he had led his team to four straight national titles. In 2008, Lenderman scored numerous small victories throughout the US Chess Grand Prix to secure him first place overall - a feat which he repeated the following year. He also won the 2009 Atlantic Open and co-championed the 2019 US Open. 

Lenderman is no stranger to championship titles. He won the International Bavarian Chess Championship in 2014. In 2015, he was on the US team for the World Chess Team Championship where he took home a gold medal for the second board with a score of five out of seven. He also won the World Open that same year with a score of seven out of nine. Lenderman had a brilliant performance in the Isle of Man tournament in 2017, where he had a performance rating over 2750. Recently, he has been in top form with a current rating of 2632 FIDE, just two points below his all time highest rating.