Sarah Chiang

Woman FIDE Master
Dallas, Texas
Chess Highlights: 
Tied for third place at the World Youth Championship in the girls U-14 division in 2011; Silver Medal at World Youth Championship in 2007, Selected by the Kasparov Chess Foundation for the Rising Stars program

At just 15, Sarah Chiang has already proven she can play with the country's  top players. She is currently the highest-ranked female in the country age 16 and younger and is second only to U.S. Women's Championship competitor Alena Kats on the women's U21 list.
In 2007, Sarah received the silver medal at the World Youth Chess Championship held in Turkey, and just a few years later she secured a third-place finish in the Under 14 division at the World Youth Championships.
In early 2012, Sarah was one of handful of rising stars to be selected to the Young Stars - Team USA program, a joint partnership between the Kasparov Chess Federation (KCF) and the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis, which was launched to find and train the country's top emerging chess players for competition with the best players in the world. Sarah received intensive training with legendary World Champion GM Garry Kasparov.