2016 U.S. Junior Closed - Round 7

The 7th round showed the players were fatigued but still looking to give it their all. After 4 hours of play, not a single had been decided yet which set a new record in this year’s tournament.

2016 U.S. Junior Closed - Round 6

After 5 hard fought rounds, the participants had the Wednesday off to prepare themselves for the second half of the tournament. Whereas most players stayed in and rested up, Kayden Troff had a busy schedule.

Grandmaster Kayden Troff First to be Titled with Eagle Scout

Achieving the grandmaster title is a huge feat. The hours spent every day studying, the days spent in airplanes, buses and airports just to travel to tournaments, the weeks spent at tournament halls, the months trying to perfect every strategy, truly are countless.

2016 U.S. Junior Closed - Round 5

The fifth day at the U.S. Junior championship was nothing like the peaceful fourth round. With all five games delivering decisive results, It was a great game to play with the White pieces as the White players accounted for a sweet 4 out of 5 wins!

2016 U.S. Junior Closed- Round 4

The fourth day at the U.S. Junior Chess Championship signified a peaceful day of chess. With four draws and only one win, fairly little change took place in the overall standings.

2016 U.S. Junior Closed- Round 3

The third day at the U.S. Junior was a day of revenge! Whilst top-seed Jeffery Xiong managed to take the sole lead after outplaying Michael Bodek, both Awonder Liang and Nicolas Checa recovered from their second round losses.

2016 U.S. Junior Closed- Round 2

After an eventful first round in which the players were praised for their fighting spirit by commentators. FM Aviv Friedman and GM Ben Finegold, expectations were high for the second round.

2016 U.S. Junior Closed - Round 1

Ruifeng Li faced off top seed Jeffery Xiong in a closed Sicilian. Black was quickly faced with a pawn storm heading straight for his King, and tried to counter attack in the centre. When the 15 year old grandmaster missed an opportunity to scatter Ruifeng's centre, he found himself forced to sacrifice a pawn in order to complicate matters.

Nation’s Top Chess Prodigies Head to Saint Louis for 2016 U.S. Junior Closed Championships

SAINT LOUIS, June 16, 2016 -- The nation’s elite junior chess players are coming back to Saint Louis, the nation’s Chess Capital, this summer as the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis (CCSCSL) hosts the U.S. Junior Closed Championship July 7-18, 2016.

Saint Louis Invitational - Final Round Recap

The 2016 Saint Louis Invitational ended with the same fighting chess seen throughout the whole tournament. The final round found FM Gauri Shankar needing a win to secure another IM norm as he faced off against FM Kostya Kavutskiy. As for the grandmaster norm tournament, IM Steven Zierk wanted to avenge his eighth round loss and pull even with IM Akshat Chandra for a share of first place.

IM Zierk played with the White pieces against GM Ben Finegold in a mainline Caro-Kann. Pressing for an advantage, Zierk sacrificed on h6 cracking open black’s kingside.