Format Summary: 

The 2014 Aronian vs. Nakamura Match shall be a 2-player match consisting of four (4) classical games and sixteen (16) blitz games.  

  1.  Time Control: The four classical games shall be played at a time control of 90 minutes for the first 40 moves followed by 30 minutes for the rest of the game with an addition of 30 seconds (increment) per move starting from move one. The sixteen blitz games shall be played at a time control of 3 minutes with an addition of 2 seconds (increment) per move starting from move one.
  2.  Scoring: Classical games shall count as four points each and blitz games shall count as one point each.
  3.  Playoff: If the match results in a 16-16 tie, the players shall contest an Armageddon Game to determine the winner. An Armageddon Game is defined as a game with base time of 6 minutes for White and 4 minutes for Black and an increment of 2 seconds per move for both Players. Black will have draw odds. The arbiter will flip a coin to determine who shall play with the white pieces. If Player accurately calls the coin toss, Player has the option to play black (with draw odds) or white.
  4.  Prompt Arrival: Players are expected to arrive promptly for their games.  Players more than 30 (thirty) minutes late for a round shall forfeit that round. 
  5.  No Draws: A 30-move draw rule will be in effect throughout the Event, including any playoff games.  Player must not agree to a draw before the game or mutually agree to a draw in less than 30 moves during a game. 
  6.  No Cell Phones: No cell phones or other electronic devices shall be allowed in the tournament area.  
  7.  Chief Arbiter Discretion:  In the event of an unexpected occurrence, the Chief Arbiter reserves the right to make all decisions in conjunction with or on behalf of the Chess Club.


Code of Ethics: Player agrees to abide by the FIDE Code of Ethics. Where not otherwise specified the match shall be governed by the FIDE Laws of Chess.