Today in Chess: Candidates

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Today in Chess brings you all the excitement from the last week of the 2018 Candidates Tournament. Who will come out on top and challenge the current World Champion, Magnus Carlsen?

At a Glance | Candidates 2018
Dates March 10-28, 2018
Location Berlin, Germany
Format 8-Player Double Round Robin
Prize Fund €420,000
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The Candidates tournament is an eight player double round-robin tournament being held in Berlin. The winner of the tournament becomes the challenger in facing World Champion Magnus Carlsen in November for the world title.

The eight participants in the Candidates tournament are Fabiano Caruana and Wesley So of the United States, who qualified based on their ratings; Sergey Karjakin of Russia, the runner-up of the last championship match in 2014; Alexander Grischuk of Russia and Shakhriyar Mamedyarov of Azerbaijan, who were the top two finishers in the last Grand Prix; Levon Aronian of Armenia and Ding Liren of China, the winner and runner-up, respectively in the last World Cup; and Vladimir Kramnik, a wild card choice.


Date Event
March 10 Round 1
March 11 Round 2
March 12 Round 3
March 13 Rest Day
March 14
Round 4
March 15
Round 5
March 16
Round 6
March 17
Rest Day
March 18 Round 7
March 19 Round 8
March 20 Round 9
March 21 Rest Day
Today in Chess coverage begins at 12 p.m. central starting with Round 10.
March 22 Round 10
March 23 Round 11
March 24 Round 12
March 25 Rest Day
Today in Chess coverage begins at 1 p.m. central Round 13-Tiebreaks.
March 26 Round 13
March 27 Round 14/Closing Ceremony
March 28 Tie Breaks & Closing Ceremony