Today in Chess: World Chess Championship

Tune in at 9 AM for more from Yasser, Maurice, and Jennifer!

At a Glance | World Championship
Dates November 9–28, 2018
Location London, England
Format 12-game match
Prize Fund €1,000,000

Today in Chess brings you all the excitement from the 2018 World Chess Championship. Will Magnus Carlsen keep his title or will challenger Fabiano Caruana take the crown?

The Saint Louis Chess Club will host a broadcast with the expert commentary team of Jennifer Shahade, Maurice Ashley, and Yasser Seirawan about the World Chess Championship match happening in London between current World Champion, Magnus Carlsen of Norway, and challenger Fabiano Caruana of the U.S. Commentators will also be highlighting the Women’s World Championship match that will happen simultaneously in Russia. The Women’s World Championship is a large knockout tournament and features two U.S. representatives, Grandmaster Irina Krush and Woman Grandmaster Sabina Foisor. The show is sure to enthrall chess fans of all ages.


Date Event
Commentary will begin at 9 AM CST. 
November 9 Round 1
November 10 Round 2
November 11 Rest Day
November 12 Round 3
November 13
Round 4
November 14
Rest Day
November 15
Round 5
November 16
Round 6
November 17 Rest Day
November 18 Round 7
November 19 Round 8
November 20 Rest Day
November 21 Round 9
November 22 Round 10
November 23 Rest Day
November 24 Round 11
November 25 Rest Day
November 26 Round 12
November 27 Rest Day
November 28 Tie Breaks

The offical website for the 2018 World Chess Championship is