Winter Chess Classic 2023: Grandmasters Shine in Initial Clashes

After a riveting start with two rounds of classical chess, the Winter Chess Classic 2023 has witnessed extraordinary performances from both Team A and Team B. The clash of grandmasters has not only showcased strategic intricacies but has also set the stage for an intense battle to claim the Winter Chess Classic title. Team A took an early lead, but with 4 days of action left, everything is still up for grabs. Let's delve into the results of the initial clashes.

Team Standings

Team Place Team Score
1 Team A 21
2 Team B 15

Team A Roster

Board Player Rating Current Score
1 Oparin, Grigory 2667 4.5
2 Gledura, Benjamin 2633 4.5
3 Antipov, Mikhail 2607 3
4 Bruzon, Lazaro 2594 4.5
5 Raja, Harshit 2509 3
6 Stearman, Josiah 2479 1.5

Team B Roster

Board Player Rating Current Score
1 Theodorou, Nikolas 2626 3
2 Swiercz, Dariusz 2615 1.5
3 Bok, Benjamin 2614 4.5
4 Akobian, Var 2576 1.5
5 Dambasuren, Batsuren 2523 1.5
6 Chandra, Akshat 2486 3

Team A, captained by Mizzou Head Coach GM Cristian Chirila and led by GM Grigory Oparin on board 1, has taken an early lead with a solid performance across the boards. Grigory Oparin, Benjamin Gledura, and Lazaro Bruzon, along with Mikhail Antipov, scored crucial wins and contributed to the team's overall success. However, Team B, led by SLU Head Coach GM Varuzhan Akobian, is not far behind. With several rounds remaining, the competition is far from decided.

Var Akobian vs Lazaro BruzonVaruzhan Akobian vs Lazaro Bruzon

Classical Round 1

Board White Result Black
1 Oparin, Grigory (A) 1-0 Theodorou, Nikolas (B)
2 Swiercz, Dariusz (B) 0-1 Gledura, Benjamin (A)
3 Bok, Benjamin (B) 1-0 Antipov, Mikhail (A)
4 Bruzon, Lazaro (A) 1-0 Akobian, Var (B)
5 Dambasuren, Batsuren (B) ½-½ Raja, Harshit (A)
6 Stearman, Josiah (A) ½-½ Chandra, Akshat (B)

Classical Round 2

Board White Result Black
1 Swiercz, Dariusz (B) ½-½ Oparin, Grigory (A)
2 Gledura, Benjamin (A) ½-½ Bok, Benjamin (B)
3 Antipov, Mikhail (A) 1-0 Dambasuren, Batsuren (B)
4 Chandra, Akshat (B) ½-½ Bruzon, Lazaro (A)
5 Raja, Harshit (A) ½-½ Akobian, Var (B)
6 Theodorou, Nikolas (B) 1-0 Stearman, Josiah (A)

The Winter Chess Classic is played across three time controls: classical, rapid, and blitz, with classical games worth three points, rapid games worth two, and blitz one. The grandmasters continue to unfold the chessboard with each move bringing them closer to victory. As the players gear up for the rapid and blitz rounds, the intensity is sure to reach new heights. Stay tuned for more updates from this chess spectacle at Saint Louis University!