Igor Khmelnitsky

International Master

Igor Khmelnitsky born in Kiev, Ukraine. His father Naum taught Igor chess at 6. At 9, his mother Polina took him to “Avangard '' chess club. In 1990 Igor became International Master after winning Leonid Stein Memorial in L’viv, Ukraine. In 1991, Igor emigrated to the US, settling in the Philadelphia area. In 1996, he retired from active play to focus on his family and career. Since then, Igor only played occasionally.

Igor is an experienced coach and has been working with students of all levels in Philadelphia. Igor wrote and published three highly popular books – Chess Exam and Training Guide series. He won the prestigious Cramer award for Best Book from CJA. Igor is a contributing author to Masters of Success by Ivan Mizner, Ph.D. (© 2004, EP). He is one of the three coauthors of Teaching Chess Step by Step (© 2006 Kasparov Chess Foundation). Igor Khmelnitsky shares his success with wife Svetlana, son Alec and daughter Nikki. He currently works as an actuary at Aetna, a CVS Health Company since 1999. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from Temple University.