Sabina Foisor

Woman Grandmaster

Sabina Foisor has been a chess dynamo since age 4. While her parents have been her biggest chess influence, she says her favorite players are Garry Kasparov and the late Bobby Fischer. Her main goal in chess is to become one of the top 20 women players in the world. When not playing or training for chess, she likes to travel, read books, watch movies, and hang out with friends. "Of course I can manage to balance chess with other things," she says. She has many heroes outside of chess, including her family, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton and Sigmund Freud. After listing those three she added, "I will stop here because the list would be too large." Foisor has competed in every US Women’s Championship since 2009, and held the title of 2017 US Women’s Champion.  She has also become a staple of the U.S. Women’s international team in both the World Team Championship and the World Chess Olympiad, competing in every Olympiad since 2010.