Meet the Players: GM Marc Arnold

GM Marc Arnold had a big 2012, winning the U.S. Junior Closed Championship, securing the grandmaster title and beginning his first year of college at Indiana University.


By Brian Jerauld

Your invitation to the 2013 U.S. Championships comes as a result of you winning the 2012 U.S. Junior Closed Championship. How, if at all, has your approach to the game changed since that time?  Do you feel pressure to perform because this is a bigger stage?

My approach to the game has not changed much. I just try to play my game no matter what. I've played in some pretty competitive events before so I don't feel too much pressure; I just want to play to the best of my ability 

You graduated high school and took a one-year break before entering Indiana University in 2012. What was the year off like? What did it do for your chess career, and your life?

I think that the year off was beneficial. It helped me mature as a person and get me ready for college. I achieved the grandmaster title which was important to my chess career as well as gaining experience in tougher tournaments. 

How has your experience been at Indiana, so far? What degrees are you interested in? Do people around campus know you are a Grandmaster?

 My experience at Indiana has been great so far. I'm interested in business, maybe finance. I'm not totally sure yet. Some people around campus know that I'm a grandmaster and most of my friends know.

How do you think your gift at chess has shaped your young life? What kind of doors has it opened for you?

 Chess has been a huge part of my young life. it has definitely had a huge impact on me in a good way. It's opened many doors for me. I would say that people respect chess and the people who play it. It is assumed that if you are good at chess you are a smart person.

Do you see chess in your long-term future, i.e. after graduation?

I want to continue playing chess for the rest of my life. I doubt I will be a professional chess player, but I want to continue to play in tournaments whenever I get the chance to.