U.S. Draws Again in Open, Suffers Upset Loss in Women's Section

Sri Lankan Captain Sunil Weeramantry stands next to IM Irina Krush, who is currently 4-0 with a tournament performance rating greater than 2900.


By Alex Marler

After 5 rounds the U.S. team is is in 9th place out of 150 teams. They produced another sound result yesterday by drawing the Czech Republic. All of the games in this match were drawn. Be sure to check out the action in round six when the U.S. takes on Germany, who won the European Team Championship in 2011. It should be a tense match because the U.S. needs a win!

The U.S. Women's team suffered a disappointing loss to Vietnam in round 5. This loss, compounded with a few unfortunate earlier results, has sunk the team to 29th place. However, there is still time left to turn things around to advance their rank. Even in the midst of some unfortunate and surprising losses, IM Irina Krush has crushed all her oppoenents and won all four of her games! Her last win over Thi Mai Hung pushed her tournament performance rating over 2900!