2017 U.S. Junior Championships - Round 8 Recap

We arrived at the most critical part of the tournament, so naturally there were high stakes and tension; mistakes could occur, but some flourish in these conditions and create brilliancies!

2017 U.S. Junior Championships - Round 7

The seventh round started out slowly, but it provided many entertaining games, and also crucial ones!

2017 U.S. Junior Championships - Round 5 Recap


by Denes Boros

Round 5 started off with multiple heavyweight battles: Michael Brown against Ruifeng Li, Akshat Chandra against Andrew Tang, and in the Girls’ Section the leading Emily Nguyen faced her tournament rival, Akshita Gorti.


U.S. Junior Championship

2017 U.S. Junior Championships - Round 4 Recap

Looking at the pairings, I expected some deep home preparation from the players. I was surprised to see that the tournament spontaneously turned into a Carlsbad Theme Tournament instead!

2017 U.S. Junior Championships - Round 3 Recap

Compared to the early rounds, players arrived with clear intentions, to challenge the leaders!

2017 U.S. Junior Championships - Round 2 Recap

Round one seemed to have an impact on the players and the players dramatically changed their game in round two.

2017 U.S. Junior Championships - Round 1 Recap

A day after the opening ceremony, where players were given presents and some good advice from Tony Rich, the tournament director, the players were ready for the first round of the 2017 Junior Championships!

Wesley So is the new U.S. Champion!

Another U.S. Championship has ended today, and we couldn’t have asked for a more exciting finish! Yesterday, Sabina Foisor wrote history with her emotional victory. Today, Wesley So added another chapter to his legacy when he defeated Alexander Onischuk in a highly disputed tiebreak match.

One championship down, one still to go!

One tournament ended and the other one continues tomorrow! The U.S. Women’s Championship declared its winner, and it is none other than the sensation of the tournament, Sabina Foisor! Sabina played a brilliant game and finished Virkud in style, while Nazi started well but failed to keep the pace and got slowly outplayed by the legend slayer, Jennifer Yu (she beat Nazi, Irina, and Anna). In the open section, it was a fairly quiet day, with Wesley So making a pragmatic decision and repeating moves in the opening.