2013 U.S. Championships

Krush Pulls Away, Kamsky Draws at U.S. Championships

The push and pull of the 2013 U.S. Championship and U.S. Women’s Championship continued yesterday in round five, but this time the men pulled closer to the leader, while the leading lady began to push away from the field.

Meet the Players: GM Yury Shulman

Our continuing segment introduces the players at this year's U.S. Championship. Introducing the 2008 U.S. Champion, GM Yury Shulman.

Tourney Leaders Win Again at U.S. Championships

A pair of runaway trains kept up their furious pace in round four as both tournament leaders, GM Gata Kamsky and IM Irina Krush, won their fourth consecutive games to maintain their respective leads.

Meet the Players: GM Robert Hess

GM Robert Hess is balancing chess with a full courseload at Yale and helping spearhead a new sports website: The Sports Quotient.

Krush, Kamsky Remain Perfect at U.S. Championships

Out of the field of 34 players in both the U.S. and U.S. Women's Championship, only two remain perfect: pre-tourney favorite GM Gata Kamsky and reigning U.S. Women's Champion IM Irina Krush.



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