2019 Fall Chess Classic


Format Summary

The 2019 Fall Chess Classic shall be two 10-player tournaments, each paired as a Round Robin.

  1. Prompt Arrival: Players are expected to arrive promptly for their games.  Players not at their board at the beginning of each round may receive a fine of $500 to be deducted from their prize for each occurrence. Players more than 30 (thirty) minutes late for a round shall forfeit that round. Players who withdraw or forfeit a game may not receive any prize money.

2019 Fall Chess Classic

The 2019 Fall Chess Classic is the third of four tournaments each year featuring international chess professionals. The Fall Chess Classic is comprised of two 10-player Round Robin tournaments. Over the course of 10 days, these competitors will battle for more than $30,000 in prize money and gain valuable experience in top-level events.

The Classic Series here at the Saint Louis Chess Club was created so strong international masters and grandmasters could participate in classical round robin tournaments in which to test their mettle against players of similar levels and to learn from these experiences. 

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