2022 Saint Louis Norm Congress

Pairings & Results | IM

Pairings & Results | GM


The 2022 Saint Louis Norm Congress shall be a 10-player tournament paired as a Round Robin.

  1. Prompt Arrival: Players are expected to arrive promptly for their games. Players not at their board at the beginning of each round may receive a fine of $250 to be deducted from their prize for each occurrence. Players more than 30 (thirty) minutes late for a round shall forfeit that round. Players who withdraw or forfeit a game may not receive any prize money.

2022 Saint Louis Norm Congress

The Saint Louis Chess Club is happy to announce the return of our Norm tournaments, starting with the 2022 Saint Louis Norm Congress. The invitational norm tournaments brings together players from around the world to compete for cash prizes and the chance to earn Grandmaster and International Master norms.

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