World Chess Olympiad 2012

U.S. Teams Miss Medals in Istanbul

The U.S. finished in 5th place in the open section of the Olympiad after a last-round win over Poland, and the U.S. Women's team finished in 10th place after a last-round win over Israel.

U.S. Teams Stumble in Round 10

After a truly inspirational victory in round 9 against the No. 1 seed Russia, the U.S. stumbled in a loss to China. The U.S. Women's team was also unable to move up in the rankings after drawing Mongolia.

U.S. Teams Keep Momentum with Round 8 Wins

In the open section, the U.S. team vaulted itself into 4th place overall with a win against Macedonia while the U.S. women scored a badly needed win over the Philipines to creep back into medal contention.

U.S. Teams Win in Round 7 to Stay in Medal Contention

Both U.S. teams scored badly needed victories in round 7 of the 40th World Chess Olympiad in Istanbul, Turkey.


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