U.S. Teams Miss Medals in Istanbul

The U.S. finished in 5th place in the open section of the Olympiad after a last-round win over Poland, and the U.S. Women's team finished in 10th place after a last-round win over Israel.

U.S. Teams Stumble in Round 10

After a truly inspirational victory in round 9 against the No. 1 seed Russia, the U.S. stumbled in a loss to China. The U.S. Women's team was also unable to move up in the rankings after drawing Mongolia.

U.S. Teams Keep Momentum with Round 8 Wins

In the open section, the U.S. team vaulted itself into 4th place overall with a win against Macedonia while the U.S. women scored a badly needed win over the Philipines to creep back into medal contention.

U.S. Teams Win in Round 7 to Stay in Medal Contention

Both U.S. teams scored badly needed victories in round 7 of the 40th World Chess Olympiad in Istanbul, Turkey.

U.S. Draws Germany, Women Beat Canada

The U.S. team scored a draw against the German team in round 6, which helped keep their medal chances alive and the U.S. Women also greatly improved its chances with a victory over Canada.

U.S. Draws Again in Open, Suffers Upset Loss in Women's Section

The U.S. team managed another draw in the open section against a stubborn Czech Republic team, but the U.S. Women's team stumbled with a surprising upset loss to Vietnam.

Draws for Both U.S. Teams in Round 4

Both U.S. teams were held to drawn matches against lower-rated opponents. Both teams look to rebound with strong wins to get back into medal contention.

U.S. Wins in Open, Draws in Women's Section

In round 3 of the World Chess Olympiad, the U.S. team scored a big victory in the open section, but the U.S. women faltered slightly by only drawing a lower-rated Uzbekistani team.

U.S. Teams Cruise in Round 2 of Olympiad

The U.S. teams in both the Open and the Women's section cruised to easy victories in round 2 of the 40th World Chess Olympiad. See the games from the U.S. teams here!

U.S. Teams Unbeaten in First Round of Olympiad

The U.S. teams in both the Open section and the Women's section went a perfect 4-0 to breeze through round 1 of the 40th World Chess Olympiad. Both squads came into tournament play ranked 5th overall.