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Educational Benefits

The Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis hosts top-level events, creating opportunities for its students to watch nationally recognized players in action. These championship-level tournaments encourage students to continue to be academically successful, leading to a life-long passion for personal development.

2012 U.S. Championship Videos

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About the 2012 Championships

Playoff Information

The tie between IM Anna Zatonskih and IM Irina Krush will be broken with a two-game rapid match (G/25+5). If the contest is still undecided, the match will be decided by an Armageddon Game.

An Armageddon Game is a game with base time of 45 minutes plus a 5-second increment per move for each Player. Black will have draw odds. Each Player shall bid an amount of time (minutes and seconds, a number equal to or less than 45:00) with which they are willing to play in order to choose their color. The Player who bids the lowest amount of time chooses her color and begins with that amount of time; the other Player receives 45:00. If both Players bid exactly the same amount of time, the Chief Arbiter will flip a coin to determine who shall choose their color.

Schedule of Events

Date Time U.S. Championship U.S. Women's Championship
May 7   Community Day
May 7 6:00 PM Opening Ceremony
May 8 1:00 PM Round 1 Round 1
May 9 1:00 PM Round 2 Round 2
May 10 1:00 PM Round 3 Round 3
May 11 1:00 PM Round 4 Rest Day
May 12 1:00 PM Round 5 Round 4
May 13 1:00 PM Round 6 Round 5
May 14   Rest Day
May 15 1:00 PM Round 7 Round 6
May 16 1:00 PM Round 8 Round 7
May 17 1:00 PM Round 9 Round 8
May 18 1:00 PM Round 10 Rest Day
May 19 1:00 PM Round 11 Round 9
May 20 12:00 PM Playoff
May 20 7:00 PM Closing Ceremony

2012 U.S. Championship

The 2012 U.S. Championship will feature an elite field of just 12 players and a guaranteed prize fund of at least $160,000. In addition, the CCSCSL will sponsor the “$64K Fischer Prize,” to be awarded to anyone that scores a perfect 11-0 in the U.S. Championship, in honor of Bobby Fischer’s result at the 1963-64 U.S. Championship. 

At a Glance:

  • Dates: May 8 - 20, 2012
  • Format: 12 player Round Robin
  • Time Control: 40 moves in 90 minutes followed by the rest of the game in 30 minutes with thirty-seconds added (increment) per move from move one.


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